Empathy, through virtual experience.


Empathy, through virtual experience.

Healthcare & government

The complete absence or lack of empathy often is the main cause of a lot of social injustice we suffer every day. For example, how does violent behavior affect the perpetrator’s partner? And what impact does it have on the children involved? Too often the perpetuator simply does not realize. It is also crucial for the work of healthcare and government professionals, to be able to truly relate to clients. Whether victim/patient or perpetuator. For instance, what’s everyday life like for the intellectually disabled? And how to communicate effectively with this target group?  Enliven enhances therapy and training with empathy, through immersive VR simulations.


Before, students had to read, hear or watch videos to try and understand the life or situation of their future clients. What is the impact of the matter on their life and that of their loved ones. Besides the obvious fact that experiencing in a safe virtual environment (VR simulation) is considerably more effective, it has proven to be a lot more engaging as well. Another remarkable side-effect, for instance in case of the domestic violence experience, is that it triggers rare conversations between two groups: the students that have experienced this is, are encouraged to open up and the group that never did, is now better able to relate.



Raise awareness during events concerning the matter addressed in one of our available simulations. Our goal is to empower those caught up or working in the social matters we address through our simulations. Not familiar with (the impact of) our experiences? Book an engaging workshop, for you and your colleagues. (Available world-wide through selected distributors; expected in 2020). After experiencing the impact, we utilize the creativity-boost in an engaging brainstorm, covering how our simulations can empower you and your organization and what other simulations we should add to further enable you to reach your goals.

Don’t Forget Me

Domestic Violence

I Wanna Go Home

Intellectual Disability

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Why Enliven

We are here to create a better tomorrow, by increasing empathy . Through realistic and immersive virtual representations of societal problems, we aim to enrich the therapy, training and education of tomorrow. This way people all over the world are empowered to improve the way they communicate and the way they treat one another. Our mission is translated in every step of our journey. From ideation, to planning, all the way to production, facilitation and aftercare.


Truly engaging simulations.
Hear, see, interact, feel.


Leads to behavioral change.
Prevent. Intervent.


Cost effective.
Highly scalable.

Partner Program

Together with our partners, we realize impactful simulations around a wide variation of topics. We’re developers, so we need the expertise of our partners to create believable virtual representations of the scenarios at hand. Together with our partners, we also manage to simplify the procedure by sharing expertise and costs. Afterall, all that matters is our common goal, to improve the way we empathize and communicate, to help create a better tomorrow. Interested to participate in the (further) development of new or existing simulations? Let us know!