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Experience a slice of life through the eyes of the intellectually disabled.

Wish to stay up to date on this simulation or other upcoming simulations around this topic? We keep on improving our current simulations as well as creating new scenarios, perspectives and other themes relevant to this social challenge, such as autism.

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While the intellectually disabled make for just about 0.4% of the Dutch population, this group is accountable for what is expected to be around 30-40% of our detainees. For far too long, the intellectually disabled have felt isolated from society, misunderstood and hopeless. Healthcare and safety professionals can play an essential role in providing a solution. At various stages in the life of the intellectually disabled, a professional is able to create a feeling of understanding. Of hope. And perspective.

For years, books and videos have been telling professionals how their clients experience the world. While valuable, it rarely seems to lead to true understanding and a more pleasant, promising and hopeful experience for the client. As a result, some organizations in the Netherlands face a drop-out rate of over 40%. Only when the professional has walked a mile in the shoes of the intellectually disabled, is she able to truly understand the client’s perspective. How she experiences the communication and perceives the professional’s reaction when she once again doesn’t seem to understand the instructions. Or when she seems to frustrate the professional, by asking a question she really doesn’t know the answer to. What was previously impossible, now is available for every professional to experience.

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In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Justice, Probation, National Police, and various other government and healthcare organizations, a pilot was conducted in 2019 with 350 professionals. The result? Participating organizations are rolling out the simulation in the training of thousands of professionals.

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