Don’t Forget Me

Step inside the world of a 7-year-old and experience the impact of domestic abuse and aggression.

Wish to stay up to date on this simulation or other upcoming simulations around this topic? We keep on improving our current simulations as well as creating new scenarios, perspectives and other themes relevant to this social challenge, such as high conflict divorces.

Training professionals
Treatment/training perpretuators

For parents

According to a report completed by Fearon and Hoeffler (2014) – globally – 290 million children fall victim to domestic violence. Parents hardly think about the impact of domestic violence on their children. According to them, the children are either playing or sleeping in their room and are unaware of the violence going on. To shine a light on how children are in fact aware and are the true victim of the violence at home – even if not physically directed at them – “Don’t Forget Me” has been developed.

For students & professionals

The professional is completely focused on solving the problem at hand; the conflict between the parents. Understandable, but this unfortunately means that there is insufficient attention for the children involved and the terrible effect the violence has on them. It’s the children that need and deserve all the attention. With this experience we want to encourage professionals to pay (even) more attention to the children involved and trigger them to act. Suspicion? Doubt? Take action!

Proven effective

A study by the Ministry of Justice and Security and Probation of the Netherlands was published in 2017, following a pilot of the VR experience in a training of Dutch Probation containing perpetrators. It demonstrated that 80% of participants (a total of 20) – after a few months – still managed to stop a threatening or already going fight with children around. The experience had opened their eyes and convinced them of the severe effects on their child(ren). The simulation is now easy to use and ready for large-scale deployment. In the coming years we will continue our work passionately to encourage the use and to share many more of these impact-stories with you.

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Dutch Ministry of Justice

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